Permanent Jewelry

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What is Permanent Jewelry?

Inspired by friendship bracelets, 14k Yellow Gold chain is soldered with a welder directly around the wrist, neck, ankle or even stomach of the wearer. The process of fitting with bracelets, necklaces, anklets and belly chains is quick, painless, and permanent until you want to remove it! Add charms and dangles to create unique, personalized jewelry that can be worn always.

The Process

  • Make an appointment with our Permanent Jewelry Specialist. It only takes about 10 to 15 minutes total. 
  • Choose your desired chain and optional dangle charm additions. (We are offering only 14k Yellow Gold at this time)
  • We then measure your wrist/neck/ankle/stomach to determine the length that you prefer and once you're satisfied, we attach a jump ring to the chain - this is what is welded together!
  • Now it's time for the sparkle! The process is completely painless, all you will see is a little spark from the welder and feel a puff of warm air on your skin. We do offer safety glasses and a leather patch to put under the chain if you prefer.

  • Once complete, the jump ring is buffed to remove any marks from the soldering. You will receive a polish cloth that contains jeweler's rouge, to keep your chain looking bright and beautiful.

View a video of the welding process here.

 After Care & Maintenance

  • Use soap and water while showering to remove any dirt and debris.
  • Gently polish chain using the polish cloth provided. (The cloth contains a jeweler's rouge so it may leave a black stain on fingers that can easily be washed away with soap and water).

Permanent Jewelry Warranty & Disclaimer

  • There is a 48-hour guarantee for the weld.  If your Permanent Jewelry breaks at the weld spot, then we will reweld at no charge.  If it breaks at any other spot, it will require an assessment for repair which can cost $10-$15
  • Once you confirm that the sizing is correct and we cut the chain, it is final sale.
  • In the case of a medical emergency (for MRIs/X-Rays), we will remove and re-attach your permanent jewelry complimentary for the first time.
  • In any other circumstance, we are able to re-weld your permanent jewelry for $10 (Please call ahead or book online for an appointment)
  • If your permanent jewelry stretches or is damaged, we may be able to repair the chain, repairs are typically $10-$15
  • Susan Bella Jewelry is not liable for lost chain
  • If needed permanent jewelry can be removed by simply using scissors or wire cutters (Please cut at the welding spot)
  • Permanent Jewelry is TSA friendly
  • We will not use any other chain but the ones available for purchase here at Susan Bella Jewelry
  • Anyone under the age of 18 will be required to have a parent or guardian present
  • Appointment preferred
  • Slots available for 15-20 minutes per person
  • Welding process is quick and easy
  • Safety goggles are given for eye protection & a leather patch can be used under the chain
  • There are no flames or lasers. A simple spark and puff of hot air from the welding machine may be present.



  • 14kt YG Solid 1.5mm Figaro Chain - $25 per inch
  • 14kt YG Solid 1.7mm Cable Chain with Faceted Beads - $30 per inch
  • 14kt YG Solid 3.5mm Round Cable Chain - $30 per inch
  • 14kt YG 3.2mm Heart Cable Chain - $33 per inch
  • 14kt YG Solid 2.6mm Elongated Link Cable Chain - $45 per inch
  • 14kt YG Solid 1.75mm Diamond Cut Cable Chain - $47 per inch


Charms & Links

  • 14kt YG Heart Link - $89 Each
  • 14kt WG Heart Link - $90 Each
  • Moissanite Straight Baguette Link - $122 Each
  • 14kt WG Pear Shaped Diamond .05ct Bezel Link - $217 Each
  • 14kt YG Round Diamond .04ct Bezel Dangle - $150 Each
  • 14kt WG Round Diamond .04ct Bezel Dangle – $151 Each